Four Pillar Books is dedicated to publishing materials to help us grow and evolve as a species. We publish content that addresses the four pillars of sustainability, balancing social, culture, economic and environmental values. 

We have a love for books. While books have changed over the years, our books are currently only available in paper version. We hope to see this change by the end of May 2015.


We are dedicated to supporting reading that respects and values people, culture and our environment.


Our books are printed on 100% post-consumer Forest Stewardship Council certified waste paper and we don't EVER laminate our covers (This is a glossy plastic finish on 99 per cent of books sold today). Laminates and other plastics when mixed with paper pollute our recycle stream. Instead, we believe that any good book should look worn after a good read and that our clients are able to live with the fact that our book will not last 100 years.

We aim for carbon neutrality. That is not to say that this is the ultimate in environmental responsibility! To us, aiming for carbon neutrality means we are paying attention to every impact we have and that the money we pay to offset the impact of making a book supports projects that help families, particularly girls and women, around the world.


We care about people. Period. We don't compromise. We are, and print for, the 99 per cent.


The publishing business is especially challenging for the small independent publisher. We are often asked if we sell to bookstores and to other online sellers. While some of our books are available through select independent bookstores, our ability to continue printing depends on fair compensation for our books.

Please consider buying from independent booksellers when you can. The cost of finding authors, editing, designing and marketing a book is high. We don't see the profits we need to stay in business when we sell through the big guys, yet. 


When we talk about culture today, we usually think of art and music. Our cultural heritage has much more to do with our ancestors and the values we live by. Four Pillar Books goals is to add to the evolution of an accepting culture. Tolerance is not enough. We work toward a culture of inclusiveness, built from love, care, empathy, and respect for all living creatures.

. . . . . . . . . 

Four Pillar Books is managed by Valerie Elliott.
Manuscript submissions are accepted at: grow@fourpillarbooks.com

Four Pillar Books (a division of iD2 Communications Inc)
a 100% carbon neutral company
821 Craigflower Road, Victoria BC V9A 2W8 Canada